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Defending Our Homeland and Winning the War on Terror
Shortly after September 11th, Denny Hastert pledged to the American people to do all he could to work with members of Congress and President Bush to make America safer.  The first responsibility of our government is to defend American citizens.  Nothing is more important than the defense of our borders, our cities and our rural areas.  The world remains a dangerous place, and our government's top priority must be national security.  Every action taken by the U.S. Government overseas, whether diplomatic, economic, or militarily, should be judged in part by whether it improves the safety, security and well-being of Americans at home and abroad. - more -

Strengthening our Economy and Creating Jobs
The Republican led Congress has worked closely with President Bush to provide much needed tax relief to working Americans -- tax relief that has helped more Americans find jobs and strengthening our economy more and more each day. - more -

Making America Energy Independent
Last summer, America faced unprecedented power outages, and these blackouts had a devastating affect on our nation.   As hard working families are hit hard by rising gas prices and higher home energy costs, it's plain to see the urgent need for a comprehensive energy plan for our country. - more -

Investing in our Children's Education
As a former school teacher, I believe that a quality education provides a stepping-stone for those who wish to achieve success.  As a high school history teacher and wrestling teacher, I taught my students the value of hard work, determination and courage.  Both in and out of the classroom, I often saw the spark in the eyes of many students I taught students constantly striving for excellence.  That is why I enjoyed so much about teaching our Nation's young people.  In fact, that is what I believe being a teacher is all about.  To this day, I strive toward excellence in the classroom through my work in Congress.  - more -

Working for America's Farmers
Dating back to his days in the Illinois Legislature, Speaker Hastert has always fought for farmers in Illinois and around the country.  Growing up in Oswego, Hastert worked delivering feed to farmers in DuPage, Kane, and Kendall counties and learned the importance of agriculture to Illinois' economy.   As a member of Congress he continues to believe that government must create an environment in which agriculture thrives in order to provide a stable food supply to our nation.  - more -

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