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Strengthening our Economy and Creating Jobs

The Republican led Congress has worked closely with President Bush to provide much needed tax relief to working Americans -- tax relief that has helped more Americans find jobs and strengthening our economy more and more each day.

         The historic Jobs and Growth Act of 2003 came at a time when our nation needed it most to create jobs and give our economy a lift.  It helped working Americans keep more of what they earn so they can spend it on their own individual needs.  It reduced marginal rates across the board, eliminated the marriage penalty, spurring savings and investment, phased out the death tax, lowered taxes on dividends and reduced the lowest tax bracket to 10-percent.  But Republicans' work on keeping this important tax relief measure in place is far from over.  Congress must act to keep these individual tax reductions on the books; otherwise, they will expire and taxpayers will be hit with a massive tax increase.

          Since last August, American businesses have created over 1.5 million new jobs.  Just as our economy is beginning to surge ahead, now is not the time to add more taxing burdens on America's job creators.  The bottom line is that tax relief works for America and working families.

          Republicans want to give back to working Americans what is rightfully theirs in the first place their own hard-earned money through tax relief.  Working Americans earned it, not the government's bloated bureaucracy.  Working Americans deserve it, not government bureaucrats.  Republicans believe government should learn to live with less, so the rest of America can have more.  The surest way to keep government from becoming permanently much larger with more taxes, more regulations, more spending, and greater interference in citizens' daily lives is to hold down taxes now.  By controlling the government budget, working Americans can grow their family budget.

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