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Investing in our Children's Education

As a former school teacher, I believe that a quality education provides a stepping-stone for those who wish to achieve success.  As a high school history teacher and wrestling teacher, I taught my students the value of hard work, determination and courage.  Both in and out of the classroom, I often saw the spark in the eyes of many students I taught – students constantly striving for excellence.  That is why I enjoyed so much about teaching our Nation's young people.  In fact, that is what I believe being a teacher is all about.  To this day, I strive toward excellence in the classroom through my work in Congress.  

Since the beginning of the 108th Congress, the Republican controlled Congress has done much to improve our schools and bring excellence back into the classroom. We made it our priority to make sure that every person in America has access to a good education, and we have produced results that prove this.

President Bush's “No Child Left Behind” initiative, which passed Congress with bipartisan support and was signed into law in January, 2002, makes an unprecedented investment in education and demands that schools meet a basic level of performance in return.  It provides for testing students at each grade level and also calls on states to create accountability and performance plans.  If schools aren't performing, it allows parents to transfer their children to better schools.  In addition, Congress approved unprecedented levels of federal funding for our nation's schools.  As a result, this legislation gives schools the resources they need to succeed and the flexibility to achieve success.

Congress has also acted to provide teachers with the tools they need to succeed.  Improved teacher training as well as student loan forgiveness to new teachers has helped to recruit and retain quality teachers for our nation's schools.

The Republican-led Congress has also worked hard to make the dream of going to college a reality for all those who wish to attend.  Working to increase funding of student loan and grant programs so more students can attend college.  Working to hold down cost increases to reduce the financial burden on families.  And working to improve the quality of higher education are all priorities of this Congress.

We realize the importance education plays in the future of our children, and are committed to investing in that future.

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