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Dating back to his days in the Illinois Legislature, Speaker Hastert has always fought for farmers in Illinois and around the country.  Growing up in Oswego, Hastert worked delivering feed to farmers in DuPage, Kane, and Kendall counties and learned the importance of agriculture to Illinois' economy.   As a member of Congress he continues to believe that government must create an environment in which agriculture thrives in order to provide a stable food supply to our nation. 

Hastert worked to open new markets for America's farmers by working to grant Trade Promotion Authority to President Bush.  In addition, Hastert supported tax incentives for farmers to invest in new technology and machinery.  He has led the fight against barriers to trade on genetically modified food products--barriers that cost farmers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In addition, these American farm-raised products could go a long way toward helping to feed millions of starving and malnourished people around the world. 

Hastert has also led the fight against the Death Tax.  The Republican-led Congress eliminated the Death Tax through 2010 and is currently working to make the repeal permanent.  This tax costs working families thousands of hard earned dollars and prevents them from keeping the family farm right where it belongs—in the family.

In 2003, the American Farm Bureau awarded Hastert the Charles B. Shuman award for outstanding contributions to agriculture and continues his work for a competitive U.S. farm economy.  

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