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Making America Energy Independent

Last summer, America faced unprecedented power outages, and these blackouts had a devastating affect on our nation.   As hard working families are hit hard by rising gas prices and higher home energy costs, it's plain to see the urgent need for a comprehensive energy plan for our country.

Hastert and the Republican-led House of Representatives addressed this crisis by passing the Energy Policy Act of 2003.  A bill that meets America's energy needs for today and the future. It provides access to more efficient, affordable energy and creates nearly 1 million jobs nationally in our manufacturing, construction, agriculture and technology sectors.

In addition, Congress included provisions to create incentives to improve our nation's power grid and prevent future blackouts, reduce our dependence on foreign oil by investing in domestically produced renewable fuel sources like ethanol and bio-diesel, provide incentives for clean coal technology, and reduces green house emissions by providing incentives to produce electricity using alternative fuel sources.  In addition, this bill increases funding to the Department of Energy to help research and develop emission-free hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

This bill is important for our economy in Illinois and around the country.  It represents our commitment to America's future energy security as well as our commitment to help protect our environment for future generations. 

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats continue to stand in the way of a responsible energy plan for our country. Americans have waited too long for reasonable solutions to our nation's energy problems.   It's time for the Senate to pass this important bill to President Bush and help provide Americans with the affordable energy they need.

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